Syrup grades

Gebbie’s Syrup’s Make the Grade

Early season harvest produces the lightest syrup with the color darkening and flavor becoming more robust as the season progresses. Most recipes will benefit from darker grades while many prefer the lighter grades for use as a topping. Taste is personal. Try some of each grade and you be the judge.

Grading of Vermont Maple Syrup

Maple syrup grades are standardized by the state of Vermont.

  • Grade A Golden with a delicate taste – “Delicate”
  • Grade A Amber with a rich taste – “Rich”
  • Grade A Dark with a robust taste – “Robust”

We call them Delicate, Rich and Robust, their names say it all. Taste them and choose different grades to complement your meal du jour. Check out Gebbie’s recipes for some of our family’s favorites.


Grades Don’t Matter! Keep in mind that the grade is not a measure of quality, it is a measure of color and taste.

Vermont Grade A

Golden color and a delicate maple bouquet distinguishes this as the world’s most famous maple syrup. Its unique flavor makes it a favorite topping with many desserts and a true gourmet’s delight. With a mild flavor, Vermont fancy is great on ice cream, pancakes, and waffles.

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Vermont Grade A

Amber color with rich taste and a more pronounced maple flavor makes grade it very desirable for pancakes, waffles, French toast, and cereals. This is an all purpose syrup.

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Vermont Grade A

Dark amber color and robust flavor enhanced by sweet caramel taste makes grade A dark amber an excellent flavoring in preparing many recipes. This grade is considered best for table and all around use.

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Please note that availability varies according to harvest conditions, container type, and demand. We try to update the site as product comes and goes, but sometimes we’re too busy tapping, boiling, caring for livestock, you know running the farm. If a product is out-of-stock, we will contact you with other options or issue a refund. We aim to please!

Gebbie’s Maplehurst Farm Syrup meets or exceeds all the production standards set forth by the State of Vermont. It should also be noted that Vermont’s maple syrup production standards are more stringent than anywhere else in the United States. We love Vermont!