Five generations of the Gebbie family have made Maple Syrup at Vermont’s Maplehurst Farm.

The World’s Finest Maple Syrup comes from here.

Maple Syrup in
Decorative Glass

Vermont Grade A Delicate Maple
Syrup. Ideal for gift giving.

Maple Syrup in Jugs

Delicate, Rich or Robust Vermont Grade
A Maple Syrup available in five sizes in convenient plastic jugs.

Maple Cream

Creamy, thick, spreadable maple
goodness made from our Grade A Syrup
— and no cream!

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Located high in the hills of the Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom,

Gebbie’s Maplehurst Farm has been owned and operated by the Gebbie Family for five generations. Sugar maples cover the hillsides. 6500 tapped trees flow every spring giving us the sap we need to produce “liquid gold” for our neighbors near and far.

It’s a sweet business and we love it.

Why are Gebbie’s maple products superior?

Like fine wines, chocolate, and coffee, the taste of pure maple syrup is dependent on the terroir from which it comes. Our old-growth, north-facing sugarbush is at an elevation of  around 2000 ft. This unique mix of elevation, pressure, climate, and sunlight yields maple syrup that has proven for over a century to be remarkably light in color yet rich in maple flavor.

Gebbie’s maple products’ extraordinary quality have been sought out by aficionados and premier chefs worldwide.

Wanna see how we do it?

Come visit. Tours are offered year-round.

Delicate, Rich or Robust?

Whether you prefer light and delicate or dark and robust,
Vermont’s Grade A Maple Syrups are all great.

Maple Recipes

So much more than pancakes and syrup!

Vermont maple syrup is nature’s healthful sweetener. It contains vitamins, minerals, and necessary amino acids.

The uses of Vermont maple are limited only by your imagination, but we’ve collected a variety of recipes and suggestions to get you started!


Don’t take our word for it!

We’ve been using Gebbie maple syrup for 3 generations! 
When we run out and have to substitute, everyone in the family notices and reminds me to order the “good stuff!”

Stephanie,  Illinois

Yours is the best! Had to order more as the grandkids are coming and they always want your syrup!
Carol, Florida

I’ve ordered your syrup for decades, first from Madeline and Donald and now from you and Peter….
it may be another generation, but the flavor remains the same: delicious!

Bob, South Carolina

Here’s my regular Christmas order for all my kids.
They would be disappointed if Gebbie’s Maple Syrup wasn’t part of their Christmas gift!

Mary, Michigan

Love your syrup
Michael, Arizona