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About Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup Production
Maple syrup production from the maple forests of the northeast U.S. and Canada has existed since long before Europeans settled what would become the state of Vermont. Native American cultures revered maple sap as a source of nutrition and energy with traditions and rituals centered around the sugaring season. The records and accounts of early European settlement include many references to maple sap with the processing of sap into maple sugar becoming an important industry by the 17th and 18th centuries. It was also early European settlers who standardized the less destructive method of drilling taps into trees was opposed to the practice of piercing the bark as indigenous peoples did. Maple syrup processing underwent a renaissance in the late 19th century as more efficient boilers and collection methods were developed and widely implemented. Todays modern practices including those utilized by the Gebbies’ Maplehurst Farm utilize engineered taps to protect the trees, efficient and clean tubing and pump systems, and high-efficiency reverse-osmosis filtration and modern boilers at the final stages of processing.

Much like fine wines, chocolate, and coffee, the taste of pure maple syrup is dependent upon the environmental conditions under which the trees live and produce their sap. Our old-growth, North-facing sugarbush is located high in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont at an elevation of approximately 2000 ft. This unique mix of elevation, pressure, climate, and sunlight yields maple syrup that has proven since the 1850's to be remarkably light in color yet rich in robust maple flavor. Our extraordinary quality has been sought out by maple aficionados and premier chefs worldwide. We believe that you'll find no finer pure maple syrup than ours.

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